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A Taste of Apples

Who does not love a good apple? I was first introduced to apples in salads by my godmother who put chopped apples in her salads. From there I began putting them in tuna fish and meat loaf. It is an amazing way to get fruit into children and non-fruit lovers without them even realizing it. Apples can be used from appetizers through entrees and finished with a delicious apple pie or tart. They are also a great snack with cheese after school or work. There are so many varieties to choose from – Granny Smith for tart to Pink Lady for sweet. So enjoy my latest cookbook.  

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Taste and Tales of New York

From New York City to Niagara Falls to Montauk, the State of New York has been influenced in its culinary history by the many groups of immigrants who have made the state their home. 

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A taste of lobsters and some tales too…

A collection of delicious recipes, interesting facts and entertaining tales - all about lobsters and their tails!

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Taste and Tales of Coastal New England

From Eastport, Maine to Greenwich, Connecticut, the coast of New England is as varied as the rock ledges of Mt. Desert, Maine to the sandy beaches of Rhode Island. There are small towns and big cities, but the one common denominator is great food.

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Phoebe's Kitchen was named for my mother who passed away on November 19, 2007, just short of age 98. My Mother allowed me to bake and cook whenever I wanted, I only had to clean up the kitchen afterward. It is because of her that I have such a passion for writing cookbooks. My legacy to my mother is the line of foods and books in her memory.

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